Smart Response
GeoKing ​​ has a premade library of replies that can be used to respond to the customers quickly in a unique manner. This AI-based smart response system and filters are automatically aligned with the review language, entity, and tonality.

​​ Here is a brief guide on how to use smart responses in an effective manner.

Step 1: Log in to your GeoKing ​​ account

Log on to your GeoKing platform, and click on the login button.

Enter your email ID and password. Now click on the SIGN IN button.

Now follow the instructions to proceed.

Step 2: Locate Manage Reviews

Now, go to the left-side menu and click on Reviews. You will see the following screen:

Step 3: Locate Smart Response

When you are on the page of manage locations, you will see the yellow bulb icon at the end of each review. This icon is actually a smart response feature.

Step 4: Click on the Smart Response icon

Once you click on the Smart Response icon, the following screen will pop up in front of you.

Chose the appropriate response, and click on the green Select button. Once you click on the Select button, the status of the review will be changed.

Status 5: Status of Review

To know whether the review is responded yet or not, you can check the status of the review in the Responded column. ​​

It will turn to green if you have replied to the customer. Otherwise, it will appear in red color as shown below.

Do you have any question or any issue with the Smart Respond feature? Feel free to contact us.