Assign Tickets

Assign Tickets​​ 

You can assign a ticket to anyone you want. It’s an easy and straightforward process. You can assign​​ both closed and open tickets.​​ 

To assign tickets, follow this step-by-step process:​​ 

Step1:​​ Go to​​ Listings​​ in the left-side panel on your dashboard.​​ 

Step 2:​​ Click on the​​ Tickets​​ link. On the following screen, you the list of all tickets:

Step 3:​​ Now, go to the ticket that you want to assign. In the Action column, you have to click on the Share icon.​​ 

Step 4:​​ Select the name, from the list, to which you want to assign the ticket to.​​ 

Step 5:​​ If you want to send the ticket to another email, click on the checkbox just below the box. Enter the email ID in the box.​​ 

Step 6:​​ Now, click on the​​ Submit button to send or assign the ticket.

The recipient will receive an email that lists all details for the review associated with that particular ticket.​​ 


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